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Buy Building Material online in Nepal.

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Building materials are the materials used for construction purposes. Hardwarepasal provides the essential Building Material online in Nepal.

Building materials are used in the construction of the house. Building Materials establish the quality and stability of the building. There are many building materials that are essential for the construction like: Blocks, Manhole covers, Pipes and fittings which help in making the stable and quality structure. Hardwarepasal provides all these essential building materials online to your doorstep in Nepal.

  1. Man-Hole Cover:

Manhole cover

Manhole cover are the covers that is used to conceal and protect the entrance of the drainage system. Manhole cover is made for convenience so that it will be easy for repairing, inspecting, and cleaning the utilities. Engineers, laborers, and inspectors use them for the purpose of inspecting, cleaning, repairing, and maintaining utilities. It is essential to cover the manhole and it is one of the most essential materials that is used as a Building Material. Hardwarepasal provides different manhole covers online to your doorstep in Nepal.


  1. Pipes and Fittings:

Pipe and fittings

Pipes and fittings are much important in the construction, as it helps in changing the direction of water supply from main pipes to subsidiary pipes. Pipes are of different types and sizes. Proper fitting also helps in checking leakage in the plumbing lines. Pipe fittings are an important component of the plumbing system. Hardwarepasal provides various pipes and fittings online in Nepal.

  • Pipes:

Pipes are used to conveying water from one location to another. Pipes are basically used for the flow of water from the water supply. It comes in various size and types as per needs.

  • Tank Nipple:

The tank nipple is a connector that is used as a feed through for supplying water to a tank or vessel. The tank nipple is the small threaded pipe that is used to dispense the water from the tank.

  • Valves:

A valve is a device that is used to control the flow of the water. It helps in controlling the speed of the water. There are various valves like the Stop valve, Plastic ball valve, brass ball valve, Ball valve metal body, and ball valve female. All these types of valves are available online at hardwarepasal.

  1. Blocks


AAC blocks are widely used in the construction of apartments and other types of residential properties, industrial and commercial buildings, such as hotels, offices, hospitals, and schools. Owing to their excellent heat insulation capacity, AAC block find application in interior and exterior construction. AAC blocks are 50% lighter than the red bricks and higher strength-to-weight ratio, seismic resistance, precision, and breakages next, the lightweight properties of AAC block makes them ideal for the construction of the internal and external wall in the house. AAC Blocks are a unique and excellent type of building material that offers ultimate good workability, flexibility, and durability. Hardwarepasal provides AAC blocks of different sizes online in Nepal.


Hardwarepasal provides all essential quality building materials online and home delivery in Nepal. Get it on your doorstep.

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