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Essential Electrical Tools For Every Home Owner in Nepal

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Electrical Tools include a wide range of equipment that can use to work on an electrical system. Hardwarepasal provides electrical tools online in Nepal.

Electrical Tools and Equipment help in performing the electrical works more efficiently and correctly. It could be dangerous and risky if an electrician or individual works on an electrical system without the use of electrical tools. Electrical tools not only minimize the risk of getting electric shock but also helps in working more efficiently and save time and effort as well.

Hardwarepasal provides all the essential electrical tools online and delivers them to your doorstep. These electrical tools must be in every home so that minor electrical problems can be fixed on time. Electrical tools like Wire stripper, Cable Tester, Voltage Detector, Digital Multi Meters, Crimper Tools, Socket Tester, and many more are some of the essential tools that every homeowner should have.

Wire Stripper: 

Wire stripper


Wire stripper is used when an electrical wire is needed to be repaired or while replacing. This Electrical tool helps in removing the protective coating of a wire. This tool also helps in connecting the two wires and also helps in connecting the wire with the terminals. Hardwarepasal provides a variety of Wire Strippers online.

Cable Tester


Cable tester

Cable tester helps in verifying the connectivity of the wires. It verifies that the wire is connected correctly and properly to the termination. It also indicates the faulty connectivity of the wires.


Voltage Detector:


Voltage detector


Voltage Detector helps in detecting the presence of live voltage on ac circuits. A voltage Detector is essential among electrical tools because it allows you to check for voltage in wires or devices without you having a touch any electrical parts. This tool is safe, easy, and inexpensive to use.

Crimper Tools:

Crimper tool


Crimper Tools are device which is used to conjoin two pieces of metal by deforming one or both of them to hold each other. Hardwarepasal provides various quality Crimper Tools like Berrylion 250mm Crimping, Milwaukee 18 Volt Crimper, Pro Skit Crimping Tools 8, and many more.


Socket Tester:

Socket tester


Socket Tester provides a fast and effective solution to identify potentially unsafe installations and wiring faults of power outlets. It is quick and shows the incorrectly wired electrical wall. Get UNI-T Socket Testers Flat at Hardwarepasal and get it delivered to your home in Nepal.

Digital Multimeter:


Digital multimeter


Digital Multimeter is a standard diagnostic tool for technicians, which helps in measuring two or more electrical values, Principally Voltage (Volts), Current (Amps), and resistance (ohms). Hardwarepasal provides varieties and quality of digital Multimeters.


There are many more Electrical Tools available in Hardwarepasal for the electrician and technician to perform their task:




A voltmeter is an Electrical Instrument used for measuring the potential difference or voltage between two points in an electrical or electronic circuit. Get Rishabh 0-150V DC Voltmeter.


Smart Meter:


Smart meter


Smart Meter is an electronic device that records the consumption of electricity, gas, or water and communicates that information for monitoring and billing. Hardwarepasal provides Single Phase WIFI Smart M and Three Phase WIFI Energy M.


Soldering Iron:


Soldering iron


Soldering Iron is basically used in electronic Industries for electrical connections like joining the copper wires to circuit boards.


Besides These products Hardwarepasal has other Electrical Tools such as: Ammeter, Transducer, Moving Coil, Panel Meters, Current Transformer, and Cam Switch.

Get all these electrical tools and devices at the best price in Nepal online. Get it delivered to your doorstep from Hardwarepasal.com.

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