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Different Types of Computer Accessories Online in Nepal.

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Without correct Computer Accessories, your computer cannot run properly. Hardwarepasal provides all the necessary computer accessories online in Nepal.

It is important to consider both hardware and software while making a decision in an IT System because it can affect your work, efficiency, and productivity of your work. Computer Accessories are the physical parts of the computer that help to run the essential software that makes the computer so helpful.

Computer Accessories like hard drives, Computer Gaming Accessories, Laptops, projectors, Microphone Joystick, HeadsetKey Board, PC Fan, Printers, and many more. All these computer Accessories are available in Hardwarepasal online in Nepal.


Hard Drives:

Hard Drives are the most important parts of the computer as it saves all your valuable data. At Hardwarepasal you will get various types of hard drives with different models that will give more space and storage to you so that you can install and save more valuable data.

Hard Drive


Computer Gaming Accessories:

Computer Gaming is extremely popular as it provides entertainment to children and adults alike. Gaming accessories provides the video gaming experience more interesting and fun. Hardwarepasal delivers all the computer gaming accessories like Gaming speakers, Gaming Chairs, Live Streamers, Gaming Cooling pads, and Gaming tables.


Computer Gaming Table



A laptop is a portable computer, which is small in size and light in weight, which you can carry very easily from one place to another. A laptop provides flexibility to students and corporate workers to do their work efficiently. Laptop can also be used for entertainment purposes like accessing Social Media, and watching movies, and also saves valuable digital content in it. Get different varieties and Models of laptops at Hardwarepasal.





Projector is the optical device that projects the image on the surface commonly on the projection screen. This device helps to communicate by expanding the screen of the computer for a room full of people. Get wide varieties and qualities of the projector on hardwarepasal.




Computer Parts:

The computer consists of various Hardware. Computer Hardware is the most important part of all Computer Accessories because without these parts the computer cannot function its work and cannot perform the task. It would also be difficult for users to access the computer without these computer parts:

  • Monitor: The monitor in the computer displays the data and results. A monitor shows the output of the work in pictorial and text form.



  • Mouse: A computer mouse allows the operator to give commands to the computer using their hand so that the user can operate the device.




  • Keyboard: Keyboard is one of the essential parts of computer accessories as it helps the user to put the information including letters, words, and numbers into your computer.



  • PC fan:PC fan that is attached to the computer parts for active cooling and prevents the computer to get heat.

PC Fan



Hardwarepasal also provides many computer accessories online in Nepal like Networking and cameras, PBX systems, and Computer components.

Get it at Hardwarepasal.com

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