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Home Appliances Online in Nepal 

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Home Appliances are electrical or mechanical appliances that help in household work. Hardware Pasal provides all the essential Home Appliances Online in Nepal.

Home Appliances are also called domestic appliances or household appliances as it assists in household functions such as cooking and cleaning. Some of the Home Appliances that hardwarepasal provides are:

Vacuum and Floor cleaning

Vacuum and floor cleaner are the most essential home appliances as it is used to clean the dirt and dust inside the house with less effort. It helps in cleaning the home much more effectively and efficiently. Hardwarepasal provides various types of vacuum and floor cleaning:


  • Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum cleaner


Vacuum Cleaner suction up all the dust and other sensitive components from the surface quickly. A Vacuum Cleaner is an amazing tool for cleaning carpeted flooring, furniture, upholstery, and other surfaces in your house.

  • Steam Cleaner:


Steam cleaner


Steam Cleaner is used to eliminate the nasty elements and it helps you and your family to protect you from harm as it kills germs and bacteria.

  • Hand Sticks:

Hand stick


A hand stick is also used to clean the floor. It is cordless and easier and more convenient to use.


  • Steam Mop:


Steam mop

Steam Mop has used for deep cleaning containing the water tank in it. It is fast and convenient for cleaning the home.

  • Joy Mop: 


Joy mob


Joy Mop is used to clean the house floor. Get pigeon Joy Mop at Hardwarepasal and get delivered online to your home.


Audio Devices:




Audio Devices are used for entertainment. Audio Devices in the home are essential and can be used in small home parties for entertainment and fun. Audio devices convert the electronic waves to Sound waves by which the person could listen and for that, the person listens to music and gets entertained with it. Hardwarepasal provides a variety of speakers for your home and delivers online in Nepal.


Large Home Appliances:

Large home appliances are like:

  • Microwave Connection Oven:


Microwave oven is basically used to cook the food and heat the cooked food.


  • Washing Machine:

Washing machine


The washing machine is one of the most essential home appliances in the home as it helps in cleaning numbers of clothes at once much more efficiently. Hardwarepasal provide varieties of washing machine online in Nepal.


  • Refrigerator:




A refrigerator is used to store the veggies and edible items on it for a long time. Hardwarepasal provides various types of refrigerators online in Nepal.


Small Home Appliances:

Small Home Appliances like


  • Toaster and Sandwich Grind:

Sandwich maker


A toaster and sandwich grind is used to prepare the sandwich and toaster for your breakfast.


  • Mixer Grinder:

Mixer grinder

A mixture Grinder is used to prepare and mix the items in the kitchen. Hardwarepasal provides a juice mixture grinder and food mixture preparation


  • Water Purifier:


Water purifier


Water Purifier helps in purifying the water as it eliminates the germs and bacteria to make it safe to drink.

  • Food Steamer:

Food steamer


Food Steamer helps to cook the food with the help of steam. Hardwarepasal provide it online in Nepal.



Television is one of the sources of Relaxation and entertainment. Television does not only use for entertainment purposes but also has various advantages that can be used for educational purposes, news updates, music, and videos. Get varieties of Television on Hardwarepasal and get home delivery and till your doorstep. Hardwarepasal provides Smart LED TV, Android TV, Normal LED TV, and 4K OLED TV online in Nepal.

Besides these Hardwarepasal provide many more home appliances like Dishwasher, showcase, water dispenser, Chimney, Heating cup, Air fryer, Chopper, and blender. Lifestyle Accessories, Iron, and garments to make household work easier and more convenient.

Shop it on Hardwarepasal.

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