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Creative Ideas with Tihar Light

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Tihar is the festival of Lights, where all people celebrate it by decorating their homes with lights for 5 days. You can get the Tihar light online in Nepal. Lighting the house during the festival of lights i.e., Tihar makes your home look beautiful and welcomes the goddess Laxmi in our House. People use many creative ways to make their home look beautiful during Tihar.

So, here we have also listed creative ways of decorating your home with lights. There are various types of lights by which you can decorate your living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Garden, and outside of your house. There are various types of Tihar lights i.e. Fairy lights, Rope Lights, Multi-color lights, Curtain Lights, and many more.

  1. Decorating Ideas with Fairy Lights

    Fairy Lights are the small colored electric lights used for decoration. Fairy lights can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration as well. There are various ways by which you can decorate the house using fairy Lights.

  • Take the Transparent and empty jar or a vase then, fill it up with the fairy lights and then place some of it on the table in the living room, Bedroom and even you can hang it on the tree in your garden with the help of the Rope. It will look attractive and bright when you go for it.
  • Take the colorful paper cup and make a small hole on the bottom of the cup. Pass the light bulb of the fairy light with that hole, and your DIY cup fairy light is ready. Hang it on the empty wall of the living room and your bedroom. It will make the wall look much brighter, more attractive, and more beautiful.

You can get different kinds of fairy lights online to your doorstep from hardwarepasal. Get it online and start decorating your home.

Fairy light

  1. Decorating Ideas with Curtain Lights

    Curtain lights are great for creating the background, dressing up drawn curtains, and even windows & balconies. There are different types of curtain lights that you can get online for decorating your home with creative ideas.

  • Get the Curtain Lights and hang them like a curtain on your home windows and doors. It will increase the beauty of your entrance area and the view from the window.
  • Find the empty wall of your house and cover the wall fully with these curtain lights and paste the clean and clear photos from your family album, of you and your family and attach it randomly to that wall it would look much better. Now it’s ready to take a selfie with the amazing background and post on social media.
  • You can also decorate the room wall with these curtain lights.

There are different types of curtain lights available at hardwarepasal which you can buy online and get delivered to your home.

Star light

3Decorating Ideas with Strip Lights:

Strip lights are LED strips that are incredibly versatile and customizable, and they easily fit in all manner of places thanks to their adhesive backing or clips as long as they are within reach of an electrical outlet and a surface they can attach to. With these Strip Lights, you can decorate each and every corner of your home.

  • Install the LED strips in the ceiling coving of any space in your home is a convenient and inexpensive way to add interest to your ceiling and highlight architectural details.
  • Add the Strip light on the furniture of your house like the Sofa, table, or Bed. Adding LED strip lights under your furniture adds a unique glow to any room and can help a small space appear larger.

You can get a variety of Strip lights online to your doorstep at a reasonable price on Hardwarepasal.


Strip light


  1. Decorating Ideas with Rope Lights

    Rope lights, which are also known as tube lights and light ropes, are a great way to decorate any area, indoors or out. There are different types of Rope Lights by which you can decorate your home.

  • Create an outdoor conversation area by using hanging rope lights. You can create a small open area in your garden where you and your family can sit for a conversation.
  • If you have an outdoor overhang, try stringing lights above where light is likely limited.  This not only looks beautiful but also helps to brighten up the space.

There are different Rope lights with different colors available at hardwarepasal. You can get this all online to your doorstep in Nepal.

Rope light


  1. Decorating Ideas with Tihar LED lights:

    Tihar LED Light is the most common Tihar light that is used during the Tihar. Most houses use them to decorate the house. It is a multi-colored as well as single-colored light.  There are various types of LED Tihar lights that are used for decoration. And it can be used for various purposes to decorate.

  • Use this light to decorate the door entrance and windows.
  • You can use this light to decorate the furniture of your living room as well.
  • It can also be used by filling an empty transparent jar same as fairy light.

There are different types of led lights available at hardwarepasal for you to decorate your house in very reasonable price.

Tihar light

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