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Best waterproofing product available in Nepal

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Waterproofing is the method by which we can prevent water from penetrating your house. Hardwarepasal provides various waterproofing products online in Nepal.

Waterproofing also helps in reducing the humidity inside the house and protects things from humidity and water exposure. Waterproofing is very important as it helps keep your house dry. Hardwarepasal provides a variety of essential waterproofing products online in Nepal.


  • PU Foam:

PU foam

PU foam is basically used as a waterproof barrier and also used as a sound and heat insulation. PU Foam is one of the most popular materials used in home furnishings such as furniture, bedding, and carpet underlay. Hardwarepasal provides PU Foam online in Nepal.


  • Stainer:



Stainer is used to giving colors to your plastic emulsions, enamels, oil paints, and distempers. It is one of the essential products that need to be used in-house. There are many stainer available online at hardwarepasal.


  • Flex Tape:

Flex tape


Flex tape is power-thick, flexible rubberized tape that is mainly used to patch, bond, and seal anything which can even survive underwater. It is mainly used to fix the water leak from the water pipe. Hardwarepasal provides it online in Nepal.


  • Dr. Fixit Super latex:

Dr. fixit super latex


Dr. Fixit Super latex is a waterproofing product that prevents leakage and dampness. It Bonds strongly to concrete, masonry, stonework, plasters, steel & most of the building materials. It also prevents cracking by improving flexural strength. It is available online at hardwarepasal.


  • Dr. Fixit Fast Flex:


Dr. fixit fast flex


It is Dr. fixit fast flex is a waterproofing product that provides excellent waterproofing and can also be applied on damp surfaces. It Forms a seamless coating without any joints and prevents water leakage. Hardwarepasal provides the product to the doorstep online in Nepal.


  • Dr. Fixit Polyplus CP: 

Dr. Fixit Polyplus


It is used as a chemically active waterproofing treatment for concrete. Dr. Fixit Polyplus CP when mixed with water and applied as a brush coat to concrete, penetrates deeply into the capillaries of the concrete & protects it against the permeability of water.

  • Dr. Fixit Power Crete:

Dr. fixit Power crete

Dr. fixit power crete is a tough, hard-wearing, breathable waterproofing system for residential, industrial, housing, and commercial buildings. It Reduces or prevents salt penetration into concrete and provides a tough, flexible, hard-wearing surface for waterproofing.

  1. Dr. Fixit Sure seal:


Dr. fixit Sure seal


Sure seal seals and protects interior surfaces from water penetration and dampness. It also seals the surface & protects against paint peeling where dampness occurs. Hardwarepasal provides it online to your doorstep in Nepal.

  1. Dr. Fixit Pidifin:

Dr. fixit Pidifin


Dr.Fixit Pidifin is an elastomeric coating that resists water ingress. It is a strong adhesion to concrete slabs & masonry surfaces.


There are many more waterproofing products available at Hardwarepasal. Some of the Brands that are available on Hardwarepasal are: Dr. Fixit, Fischer, Pidilite and Sika. Get all the waterproofing products online to your home at hardwarepasal.com.

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