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It’s always tricky to figure out what should we gift on father’s day, but unlike other time gift something unique this father’s day. It’s the Day to honor your Dad for everything he has done for you and your family.

Hardwarepasal.com brings you the 10 best products that you can gift on this auspicious day:


  1. High pressure washer

High pressure washer


High-pressure washer is a portable washer to remove dirt from different surface. Most common surfaces are; garden area, walkways, house exteriors, Motorcycle, Cars, Lawn movers, outdoor furniture and many more.

If your dad likes his outdoor clean then high pressure is a must have gift.



  1. Cordless Drill Box Set

Cordless Drill Box

Cordless Drill Box set consists all the essential tools and Accessories that is required in performing the Work. As Drill machine is used to make holes on the solid objects like concrete wall, Furniture etc. Cordless Drill box set does not need any Electric supply as it can be operated through the battery. It is portable and can be taken anywhere as it is easy to carry.

If your dad likes to perform the DIY works then this Cordless Drill box set is for your dad.




  1. Portable Air compressors

Air compressor

Air compressor is a handy device used mostly to inflate air in tires. Its portability puts an icing on the cake. This compressor provides the same features as the bigger compressors, but due to its portability it offers on demand air when you need it.


If your dad usually goes on long drives it’s a must have tool for him. This portable air compressor provides air on the go.



  1. Cordless Blower


Cordless blower


Cordless blower is used to flow the air/ gas required for the exhausting, aspirating, cooling ventilating, conveying etc. This Cordless Blower does not need any electricity supply to get operated. It is cordless and it is operated by the Lithium- ion Battery.  It can help in cleaning the dust particles. It is easy to use and carry it anywhere as it is portable.

If your dad like doing cleaning works then this tool is for your dad.




  1. Level Laser

laser level


Level Laser is the multi-functional tool that can help in 4 different works. Level laser Consists of laser beam light that guide you in hanging frame and mirror correctly. It also has the metric ruler and 8 foot measuring tape that can help in measuring the length of the objects. Also, this tool have triple positioned leveling bubble. This tool can be used for the various purpose and can be found online in Reasonable price.

If your dad like to perform the DIY works with easy and convenient way than this tool is for your dad.



  1. Cordless drill machines

Cordless drill machine


Cordless drill machines are used mostly for drill holes and screwing nuts in metal and wooden surface. It operates on batteries, which makes it convenient to carry around without depending on electricity. Always purchase a drill machine that comes with extra battery, which helps it work for longer hour.


If your dad enjoys doing DIY work then it’s a go to! This product would definitely give him a big smile.



  1. Socket set box

Socket set


Socket sets are mostly used to tighten and untie nuts and bolts of vehicles. Having a socket set makes all your tightening and untightening work easier. It comes with wide variety of sizes and makes it suitable for many occasions.


If your dad enjoys maintaining vehicles by himself, then you know what would be a perfect add to his collection.




  1. Tool Box

Tool box


Tool Box is the box that is designed to store the hardware tool on it. Basically it is the storage of the tools. Tool Box is essential and useful to store the tools on it so that the equipment does not get misplaced. It also makes the work convenient as it can be carried anywhere. It is a hardware hand tool box.

This would be the perfect gift for your dad if your dad like DIY works so that he can store all his equipment’s on it.



  1. DIY tool set box

DIY tool set box


This set box comes with all the required tools for every basic household work. Instead of buying separate tools, you can always pick a ready-made tool set box.


This would be a perfect gift for your dad if you need a set of tools for your house.



  1. Angle grinder

Angle grinder



Angle grinder is a multipurpose tool used for cutting and grinding different surface. Different types of blades are easily available in the market for wood, metal and concrete surface.


This is perfect tool to have in your house if you enjoy cutting and making your own tables from scratch.



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