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Get General Hardware products Online in Nepal

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If you are looking for general hardware products then Hardwarepasal.com is the right platform to get all your essential hardware tools. You can get best deals and discounts on general hardware at Hardwarepasal.com. We have delivery facility available for most of the places in Nepal.

There are wide range of general hardware available at hardwarepasal.com. Some of the items are such as  –  Mixture, Hinge(Kabja), Wire Basket, Paint, Water Proofing Products, Repair Products, Industrial Flooring, Wudfinish Goods, Concrete Mixture, Building Materials and  Cleaning Essential. All these Hardware Items are available online at best price.


  • Hinge:

    Hinge (Kabja)


    Hinge is used for connecting the door with its frame. It also acts as the point for opening and closing the door. if you are someone who is looking for Hinge then Hardwarepasal.com is the right platform to purchase. You can select the best Hinge of your choice and order it online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

  • Wire Basket:

    Wire basket

    Wire Basket is a well-designed basket that is made of a series of wires and welded well to form the shape of the basket where you can store things. Wire Basket Storage is used for various purposes, it can be used in offices, homes, and kitchens to store things. You can get it online from Hardwarepasal.com and get home delivery.

  • Paint:



    Paint is the material that makes the entire look of the constructed building and home more attractive and beautiful. Paint is one of the most essential Hardware material and it gives the finished look of the construction. There are many types of house paint and they all serve for different purposes. Depending on your specific needs, you may have to pick from several types. There are basically two different categories of paints i.e. Interior and Exterior Paint. Interior paint is used inside the building and Exterior paint is used for the exterior coating of the building. You can get a wide collection of quality and Colorful paints online at hardwarepasal.

  • Waterproofing Products:

    Waterproofing product


    Waterproofing product prevents water from penetrating into your house. Waterproofing is very important as it helps keep your house dry. It helps reduce humidity inside the house and thereby protects things inside your house from damage caused due to humidity or water exposure. If you are suffering from water leakage at your house then you can shop water proofing products at Hardwarepasal.com. There are quality of  waterproofing Products available online that are: Flex Tape, Super Latex, Power Cret and many more.

  • Repair Products:

    Repair product

    Repairing means restoration work  when something gets broken, damaged, or stops working. Repairing helps in getting things fixed, and with quality repairing products, it can fix the things that can exist for a much longer period. So, during repairing, the repair products that are to be used must be quality-wise selected. Repair products are like Sealant Products, Tile Fixing Products, Epoxy Putty, and Adhesives. You can get it online from Hardwarepasal.

  • Wud Finish Goods:


    Wudfinish product


    Applying a wood finish is an essential step to protect the wood’s surface. Finishing wood prevents swelling and cracking. It also protects against stains and enhances the appearance of the wood. Some of the Wudfinish Goods like; Wudfin Wud Stain which is used to stain the wooden Surface and Wudfin tymberfill which is a wood filler. You can Shop it online and get deliver at your home.

  • Concrete Mixture:


    Concrete mixture


    Concrete is a common material used in wide range of construction projects. It is a device used for Mixing cement, sand gravel or other substances to make concrete. It is used in setting fence posts, pouring driveways and even laying the foundation for a home. Get Electric Concrete Mixture online to your home from Hardwarepasal.com

  • Building Materials:

    Building materials

    Building materials are used in the construction of a house. Building Materials establish the quality and stability of the building. There are many building materials that are essential for the construction like: Blocks, Manhole covers, Pipes, and fittings which help in making the stable and quality structure. Hardwarepasal provides all these essential building materials online to your doorstep in Nepal.

  • Cleaning Essential:


    Cleaning essentials

    Cleaning Essential is also one of the essential General Hardware tools. There are many Cleaning Essential you can shop online from Hardwarepasal. Some of them are Trolley, Dustbin and Home Care Chemicals like; Stain Removing, Carpet Cleaning, Furniture/ Leather Polishing and Steel and Chrome Polish. Get it Online and delivered to you home.

  • Industrial Flooring:

    Industrial flooring

    Industrial flooring represents the world’s most widely utilized concrete flooring. Concrete flooring is commonly found in multi-store car parks, in road construction, and in walkways. It’s an extremely durable substance and is able to stand up to constant pressure. Shop the Industrial Flooring Product online and get delivered to you address from hardwarepasal.


  • Iron Pad Lock:


    Iron padlock

    Iron Pad Lock provides the excellent Security of your house. Iron Pad lock is hard to break without keys. You can get the Iron Pad lock online for the security of your home when you are out. Shop it Online from Hardwarepasal at best Price.



Hardwarepasal Provides the Wide selection of quality  General Hardware Products online at a reasonable price and also delivers it to your doorstep.

Get all these Product online on Hardwarepasal.com.


Shop it Online.


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