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Buy different types of drill machines in Nepal

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A drill machine is a power tool used to make holes with the help of a drill bit in metal, wooden and concrete surfaces.

Various types of drill machines available at Hardwarepasal are: –

Electric Drill Machine

What it is: An Electric Drill Machine is a wired drill machine that needs to be powered to a power socket to function. It does not have function with battery.

Where to use it: An Electric Drill is best suited for light work, such as drilling a hole or driving a screw, from setting in a nut to tighten a small bolt into wood or metal. It is not advised for heavy work where extra force is required and so we do not recommend the Electric Drill for concrete or masonry work. This tool is specifically used to drill holes on wood and metal surface.

Additional Information: An Electric drill is a useful power tool, used for drilling holes into a surface with the help of electrical current from a power outlet. Most Electric Drill Machines have the option to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise, but some Electric Drills only rotate clockwise. Make sure before purchasing your drill machines.

Word of Advice: Even though Electric Drills can make holes on concrete surfaces, it is not advisable to use it on concrete surfaces, due to less external force applied by Electric Drills the hole drilled can turn out to be uneven. Not Ideal for Concrete and Masonry work, for Concrete and Masonry work go for Hammer Drill or Rotary Hammer

Cordless Drill/Driver

What it is: Cordless drills are battery powered portable drill machines, which are extremely useful when using in tight corners and places where connecting to a power outlet would be challenging. Cordless drills are often equipped with a clutch that can be used for a firmer handling of a task.

Where to use: Cordless Drills can be used anywhere from drilling a hole to driving a screw, from setting in a nut to tighten a small bolt. These tools can be used to drill holes on numerous surfaces: such as, wood, concrete, steel and drywall.

Additional Information: Drilling a hole with the help of a cordless drill largely depends on the bit being used by the machine. Drill bits are the tool, which makes holes on a surface, and each drill bit is used for a specific surface. A Wooden bit is used to drill holes on a wooden and metal surface. And for Concrete different type of bit is used.

Battery backup: Battery backup totally depends on the volt of the battery. Higher the volt betters the battery.

Important point: Always try to buy drill machines with extra battery to run out of battery for 8 – 10 hours.

Impact Drill/Driver

What it is: Impact drills are high-torque power tools that have a hammering option, besides the rotational motion of a Cordless drill. It’s the tool best suited for work that requires mechanical prowess between an Electric Drill and a Hammer Drill. The Impact Drill has both a drilling option and a hammering option. The Hammering option in the Impact Drill makes it convenient for drilling in walls and concrete.

Where to use: Impact drills are ideal for home use, best suited for drilling holes on hard surfaces, such as concrete and metal. Impact drills can also be used for demolition purposes.

Additional Information: Impact drills come in two options, a cordless option and a wired option. Drilling a hole with the help of an Impact drill largely depends on the bit being used. A bit is an important tool, which is attached to a drill machines mouth. A drill bit is the tool that makes a hole through the mechanism of a drill machine. The desired size of the hole depends on the bit being purchased. Impact Drills make up to 13mm diameter holes, as the biggest drill bit is 13mm.

Rotary Hammer

What it is: A rotary hammer is a power tool that is used specifically for performing heavy duty tasks, such as drilling and chiseling hard materials. Rotary Hammers also perform a hammering function but with a much larger pounding force than that of an Impact drill.

Where to use: Rotary Hammers are best suited for drilling on concrete surfaces that are extremely hard to drill into.

Additional Information: Most rotary hammers are used in three settings: Drill mode, Hammer drill or just hammer. Rotary hammers provide a much larger impact energy than that of a hammer drill or an impact drill. This is why it is not a power tool advised for home use, however rotary hammers can produce smaller holes, although only with the help of external chucks (which is needed to be purchased separately).

Hammer Drill

What it is: Hammer Drill is a power tool which is used for the purpose of drilling holes, and just as stated in its name, it applies a hammering action while drilling a hole. Making it easier for its user to drill into hard surfaces.

Where to use it: Hammer Drills are best suited for hard surfaces such as concrete and masonry, as it delivers a hammering action while drilling.

Additional Information: Hammer Drills are an alternative option to Rotary Hammer, if the work at hand is less arduous and demands less pounding force action. Hammer drill is the tool you are looking for. Hammer Drills are again heavy duty power tools, which is why it is not a power tool advised for home use, however Hammer Drills can also produce smaller holes, only with the use of external chucks which need to be purchased separately.

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