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Different Types of Carpentry Tools and Their Uses

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Carpentry tools are used to construct the wooden Structure. Get Carpentry tools at an affordable price at Hardwarepasal.com online in Nepal. Carpentry tools to help in building works that deal with cabinet making and making joints for varieties of applications like door frames, Window frames, cupboards, stairs, furniture, etc.

Hardwarepasal Provides varieties of Carpentry tools online in Nepal. Carpentry Tools like Screwdriver and hex key set, saws Knifes and Cutting tools, Hammers and file, ladder, bench work, clamp, glass suction, and Automatic ink foundation. Get these carpentry tools for home delivery in Nepal.

Screw Driver and Hex Key Set: 

Hex key set



Screw Driver is used to fix and repair various household objects with less time consumption. Screw Driver is an essential tool used to install or remove as well as tighten loose screws. A hex key is basically a tool used to drive bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. Get the screwdriver set at hardwarepasal online. Hardwarepasal also provides:

Saws, Knifes, and Cutting Tools: 


Folding saw







Cutting tool


Saws, Knifes, and Cutting Tools are essential tools for carpentry tools and it is mainly used. Hardwarepasal provides all these carpentry tools in a wide variety.

  • Snips: Snips are used to cut the metal sheet and another tough web.
  • Axe: Axe is basically used to split and cut the woods. Hardwarepasal provides varieties of axes.
  • Hacksaw: A hacksaw is a tool that helps in cutting plastic, metal, and wood. It is Hand Powered and small-toothed saw.
  • Handsaw: The handsaw is the tool that is used to cut pieces of wood into a different shapes.

 Hammers and file:


File set

Hammers is a tool used for general carpentry like Framing, Nail Pulling, cabinet making, Assembling furniture, and many more. And File is a tool used to remove fine amounts of material from a work piece. It is common in woodworking. Get the File tool set at Hardwarepasal.

Work Bench:



work Bench allows for the convenient work with different hand tools and portable tools that is used during the carpentry work. Get the work done with more convenient with the  work bench that is available online in Hardwarepasal.

Glass Suction:

Glass suction


Glass Suction will help an individual for carrying and lifting the smooth surface and non-porous material like glass sheet, Marbles, Tiles etc.



Clamps are basically used to hold and secure objects tightly together or prevent from the movement and separation with the help of with the work can be done more efficiently. Various types and design of Clamp that are available in Hardwarepasal like C Clamp, F Clamp, Quick bar Clamp, Spring Clamp, G Clamp, Bench Vice.




Ladder is most Common used Tools of the carpenter. Get the varieties of ladder at Hardwarepasal, online in Nepal.

Automatic Ink Foundation:


Automatic ink fountain


Automatic Ink Foundation is quick and convenient. It is used to prevent ink volatile structure design, durable.

Wood Chisel:


Wood chisel

Wood Chisel is the hand tool that is used for carving, cutting and shaping the wood in the desired structured.

Get all these carpentry Tools at Hardwarepasal and get it delivered to your doorstep in Nepal.

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