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Welding Equipment Supplies Online in Nepal.

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Welding is a work of fabrication where two or more parts are fused together. Working without proper welding equipment is risky. Get it online on Hardwarepasal.

Without the use of proper equipment, it would be risky and dangerous for the welder’s health. While welding the person should have the proper knowledge and should be aware of wearing proper welding equipment in order to work safely and efficiently. Get all the essential welding equipment online in Nepal by Hardwarepasal to your doorstep. Welding equipment like Welding Goggles, Welding Apron, Welding Screen, Welding Dangri, Welding Torch, and Earthing clamp are some of the essential welding equipment that is essential to use while welding for safety and working efficiently.

Welding Goggles:


Welding Equipment

Welding goggles are protects the welder’s eyes from the heat, intense ultraviolet raysor infrared light and flying debris during welding and cutting operations. It is one of the most essential welding equipment for welders to wear for the safety of their eyes. Hardwarepasal provides varieties of quality welding goggles online in Nepal.

Welding Helmet:


Welding helmet

Welding Helmet covers the head, face, and eyes of the welders and protect them from sparks and burns. It is one of the most essential Welding Equipment. For safety, works get it online in Hardwarepasal.

Welding Holder:

Welding holder

The Welding Holder supports the electrode securely in any position. The welding Holder connects to the welding cable and conducts the welding current to the electrode. The welding holder is the most essential tool for welding. Hardwarepasal provides it online at your doorstep in Nepal.

Welding Apron:

Welding apron

Welding works generate sparks that could burn the skins and clothes. Welding Apron protects the welder’s clothes and skin from the hot metal and slag that is generated while welding.

Welding Screen:


Welding screen

Welding Screen is used by the welders, which reduces the dangerous UV Lights while welding work is been done. It works as a protective shield for the welder as it protects from harmful UV lights which are dangerous. Get Welding Screen online at hardwarepasal.

Earthing Clamp:

Earthing clamp

Earthing Clamp is a tool that via the earth cable ensures that an electrical circuit is been closed between the welding power and the piece that is been welded. It acts as a safety tool for welding. Hardwarepasal provides Earthing clamp online in Nepal.

Welding Dangri:

Welding Dangri

Welding Dangri is the safety dress that protects the welder’s body from sparks and burns. It is made up of soft fabric that makes it comfortable while working and protects the body from sparks and Burns. Hardwarepasal provides varieties of fascinating designs of welding Dangri online in Nepal.

Welding Torch:

Welding torch

In an Automatic Welding system Welding Torch is used to direct the welding electrode into the arc, to conduct welding power to the electrode, and provide shielding of the arc area. Hardwarepasal provides welding torches online in Nepal.

Welding Magnet:

Welding Magnet

Welding magnets are very strong magnets that make great welding tools. They can stick to any metal surface and can hold objects at 45-, 90- and 135-degree angles. Get it Online at Hardwarepasal.

Welding  Gloves:

Welding gloves

Welding Gloves are one of the most essential welding Equipment as it protects the welder’s hand from flame, electric shock, burn, and hot parts. There are various welding gloves available on Hardwarepasal. Get it online.

Hardwarepasal provides all these essential welding equipment up to your doorstep online in Nepal.

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