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Best guide to different power tools and its uses

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Angle grinder is a handheld power tool that is used to grinding and polishing different surfaces. It is used to remove excess material from a piece. Angle grinders work by spinning a small disc or wheel at a high rate of speed (from 8,000 to 11,000 RPM) to sand, polish and sharpen.

Angle grinder uses different kinds of Disc and blades for different surfaces. It is widely used in metalworking and construction sites. Angle grinder is commonly found in workshops, garage and auto body repair shop.

The important factor to choose angle grinder depends on the disc and motor size. At hardwarepasal we have varieties to Choose from.



Bench grinder is a powerful grinding machine installed on a bench used to drive abrasive wheels. It is used for  sharpening or shaping cutting tools like drill bits, chisel, gouges and many more.

Bench grinders are mostly used in machines and metal fabrication shops. Bench grinder is available to shop online in at hardwarepasal.com. Click here



Cut off machine is a power tool, used to cut hard materials, such as metals, tile, and concrete. The cutting action is performed by an abrasive disc. Abrasive discs are slightly thin than grinder blades.

Total 2400 watt Cut off machine, Daewoo 1400 watt Cut off machine, Dewalt 2300 watt Cut off machineMPT 2450 watt Cut off machine, Hitachi 2200 watt Cut off machine are some of the cut off machines available at hardwarepasal.



Circular saw is a hand-held power saw used for cutting wood, but can also be sued for different surfaces with different discs. Important factor to remember while purchasing is to know how powerful are you looking for.

At hardwarepasal you will get circular saw in different watt ranging from 1050 watt ,1200 watt, 1380 watt, 1400 watt, 1500 watt, 2200 watt and 2400 watt.


Drills machine are used in wide variety of applications in metalworking, constructions and woodworking industries for drilling the holes in solid equipment like metal, wood and concrete with the help of drill bits. Important factor to remember while purchasing your drill bits, Different types of drill bits are used for different surfaces.

Electric and cordless drill machines is used for household and wood workshop to make holes on wooden and metal surface. Whereas impact drill and hammer drills are used to make holes on concretes surfaces.

At hardwarepasal you will get varieties of drill machine according to your choice and preference.



Electric planner is a hand held power tool used to smooth wood’s rough by shaving it. Usually two to three blades are used to achieve this. Maximum of around 1/8′ is the of  material can be removes at a once.

You can buy it online in Nepal from hardwarepasal, To buy click here.



Heat gun is a power tool that release hot air when switched on. The air flow is adjustable. It can be used to strip paint, shrink heat shrink tubing, shrink film, and shrink wrap packaging, dry out damp wood, bend and weld plastic, soften adhesives, and thaw frozen pipes.

At hardwarepasal you can find wide selection of heat gun.


Impact wrench is a power tool used for loosening or tightening lug nuts, large bolts, and frozen or rusted fasteners.

At hardwarepasal you can choose either corded or cordless impact drill.


Jig saw is a power tool ideally used for cutting curves and complex shapes in wood. It can also be used in metal surface. Different blades are available for metal and wooden surfaces.

Hardwarepasal has wide selection of jigsaws ranging from 400 watt to 800 watt. Price varies with different brands. For more details click here.


Miter saw is a power tool used to make a quick, accurate crosscut in a work piece at a selected angle. It is commonly used for cutting of molding and trim.

At hardwarepasal we you can find mitre saw of different brands. Price and specification varies from different brands. To check all the available mitre saw at hardware pasal click here.

For other DIY tools you can also visit our website.

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