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Wide-selection of Power tools brands in Nepal

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Power tools are capable of performing many complex tasks that can’t be performed with hand tools. Hardwarepasal provides some of the branded power tools.

There are various companies and brands that manufacture quality power tools at the international level. In Nepal also many international companies export their power tools products. Brands like: Deli, Honda, Asian Batteries, Benyu, Total, Bosch, Ingco, MPT, Alpha, and many more are some of the companies that manufacture quality power tools. Hardwarepasal provides all these quality and branded power tools online in Nepal.

Deli :

Deli power tools


Deli tools are the leading professional tools in china. Deli tools manufacture quality and branded power tools. Hardwarepasal provides the deli power tool products like Deli 750 watt Angle Grinder, Deli 2000 watt heat gun, Deli 2200W 9-1/4” 40T Blad, Deli 710W Drywall sander, and many more online in Nepal.



Honda power tools


Honda’s commitment to creating products that improve the quality of people’s lives goes well beyond automobiles and motorcycles. Honda manufactures various power tools. Hardwarepasal provides different types and quality generators like Honda 7.5KVA generator EU, Honda 850 VA Generator EG1, Honda 3.0KVA  Generator EU, and many more other generators online in Nepal.


Asian Batteries:

Asian batteries


Asian Batteries is a company that is established in Nepal and provides quality Batteries whose vision is to fill the gap in demand for lead acid batteries in the Nepali market by manufacturing, and using high-grade raw materials. Hardwarepasal provides the quality batteries like Asian Batteries Solar Tub, Asian Batteries inverter, Gurkha series automotive, Ninja series Automotive and many more; online in Nepal.



Benyu power tools


Benyu is a professional power tool manufacturer company. It manufactures various power tools and exports them to many countries. Hardwarepasal provides Benyu tools like Benyu Hex Demolition Hamm, Benyu 20V Cordless Blower, Benyu 14” Cut off the machine, Benyu 12V Cordless Drill, and many more other tools online in Nepal.



Total power tools


Total Manufacture power tools offering an exceptional mix of modernity, design, ease of use, great range, and competitive pricing. Total tools stand out from the crowd. So much so, that total is one of the fastest-growing Tools Brands. Hardwarepasal provides various total power tools like a Total 750-watt angle grinder, Total 800-watt Rotary Hammer, total 800-watt aspirator, Total 1400-watt marble cutter, and many more other products. Hardwarepasal provides all these total power tools online in Nepal.



Bosch power tools


The Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories. There are various Bosch Power tools available online at hardwarepasal. Power tools like Bosch 500W straight grinder, Bosch 900W angle grinder, Bosch 600watt rotary drill, and many more other products are available online at hardwarepasal.



Ingco power tools


INGCO Tools are the manufacturers of quality power tools. In Nepal Ingco Power tools are also available online at hardwarepasal. Ingco tools like Ingco 1200 watt belt sander, Ingco lithium-ion cordless drill, Ingco 800 watt aspirator, Ingco 2350 Cut off saw, and many more Ingco products are available online at hardwarepasal.



MPT power tools


MPT stands for Most Professional Tools and it’s a one-stop tool station. MPT offers more than 1000 different items including power tools, garden tools, hand tools, and accessories. Some of the power tools like 2200W 220-240V Router MRU, 750W Angle grinder MAG750, 220V 160W Mini Grinder MM, and many more other power tools are available online in Nepal at hardwarepasal.



Dingqi power tools


Dingqi is made in China and manufactures all types of tools like power tools, hand tools, air tools, gardening tools, and many more. Dingqi manufactures quality power tools. Some of the Dingqi Power tools are 850-watt impact drill, Dingqi 800-watt Rotary Hammer, Dingqi 2300-watt rotary hammer, and many more. All these Dingqi power tools are available online at hardwarepasal in Nepal.


Besides these brands, there are many more other brands like Daewoo, Dongcheng, Hikoki, Makita MT, STIHL,  Karcher, Prescott, Dewalt, Stanley, Milwaukee, AEG, Black and Decker, Baum, Atlas, Uyustools, Rybo, Bushcon, Crown and 36+that manufacture power tools are available online at hardwarepasal in Nepal.

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