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Best Power Tools That Every Home Owner Should Own

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Being fully equipped with power tools can help in fixing things at home. Hardwarepasal provides all the essential Power tools online in Nepal.

Power tools are technically power-driven Hand tools. Power tools help in fixing the various things in the home and they should be owned by every homeowner. There are various Power Tools that can be used ourselves and every homeowner should have them for household works. Hardwarepasal provides all the essential power tools, online in Nepal. Some of the most essential Power tools are:

Cordless Drill Machine:

Cordless Drill

Cordless drill is used to make holes on the metal surface and also makes holes in the wood to construct the furniture. It is the most essential tool kit and can do DIY jobs around your home. So it is essential to have the Cordless drill in your tool kit. A cordless drill makes your job easier and faster.  Besides this Hardwarepasal provides Impact cordless drills which are used to make holes in Concrete as well, Get cordless drill online in Nepal.

Mini Grinder: 

Mini Grinder

Mini Grinder is a handheld power tool with a fast-spinning motor used for grinding, sanding, honing, and polishing a variety of materials. A Mini Grinder tool is used for multitasking. Hardwarepasal provides it online in Nepal.

Impact drill:

Impact Drill

Impact drills handle large screws and bolts more efficiently. Impact Drill is used to make holes on heavy and hard objects like iron and Metal much more easily and faster. There is also a Cordless Impact Drill available for home use.

Chain Saw: 

Chain Saw

There are various chain saws like Gasoline Chain Saw, Electric Chain Saw, Cordless Chain Saw, and Saw chains that are available at hardwarepasal. Chain Saws are portable powered saws that cut the object by rotating chain-driven along a guide bar. It is used in activities such as tree felling, limping, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression, and harvesting of firewood.

Mini Air Compressor:

Air compressor

Mini Air Compressor is filled with compressed air and basically use to fill the air in Vehicles Tire and a ball. Hardwarepasal provides a mini air compressor online to your doorstep for every homeowner.

Heat Gun:

Heat Gun

A heat gun is also called a hot air blower. It is commonly used to strip the paint, and weld or bend plastics. However, these handy tools are so much more versatile than just plastic welding tools. Heat Gun is available online to your doorstep at Hardwarepasal

Angle Grinder:

Angle grinder

Angle Grinder is used for Various Fabrication Work. Angle Grinders are used to grind, cut, and polish a variety of materials. They can even be used to cut through things like steel and tile. Hardwarepasal provides it online in Nepal.




The generator is the power device that converts mechanical energy to electrical power for the use of an external circuit. It is one of the most essential power devices for every Home. Hardwarepasal provides it online in Nepal

High-Pressure Washer:

High pressure washer

High-Pressure Washer is the tool to clean the device. It helps to clean the dirt with the high pressure of the water. It helps in cleaning the dirt easily and fast. It is the most essential tool that every homeowner should have in the home. Get it online at Hardwarepasal.



Air Blower is used to clean the dust from the home. Air Blower is best to clean the delicate parts and corners of the home that cannot be clean with a cloth. There are Various Blowers such as Electric blowers, Backpack Blower, and Cordless Blower available at hardwarepasal.


There are many more Power tools available at Hardwarepasal that are needed to be owned by every homeowner such as Battery chargers and testers, Vibrator machines, Spare parts, Power Saws, Routers, and Many More.


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