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Choose the best Bathroom Hardware Online in Nepal 

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Bathroom hardware plays an important role in creating the right look for your bathroom design. Hardwarepasal provides the essential Bathroom hardware online.

The bathroom is the most important place in the house. Bathroom Hardware makes your bathroom more unique and beautiful as well. Bathroom hardware can have an enormous impact on the overall design of the bathroom. Bathroom Hardware like Basin, Faucet, Toilet and Commode, Bathroom Accessories, shower, and Plumbing. Hardwarepasal provides all these essential and important bathroom hardware online in Nepal.




A wash basin is a type of sink used in conjunction with the toilet. It collects water from the faucet to be used to flush and clean your hands after using the bathroom. There are varieties of Basin available online at Hardwarepasal.



Faucet is the most important piece of hardware that is used in a bathroom. It is used to deliver the water from the plumbing system. There is various Faucet like wall mixture, Diverter, and sink faucets that are available online at hardwarepasal.

Toilet and Commode



Toilet and commode are the most important bathroom hardware that every bathroom should have. It allows people to dispose of their waste appropriately, preventing contamination of their environment and reducing risk to themselves and others. Hardwarepasal provides Urinal and Wall hang commode online.




The Purpose of the shower is to pump the water so that the individual can take a bath. It is one of the most essential bathroom hardware that every bathroom should have. Hardwarepasal Provides a variety of bathroom showers online in Nepal.




The main purpose of a plumbing system is to deliver clean water to every residential and commercial building and, at the same time, eliminate all wastewater. Hardwarepasal provides Pumps, Drain cleaner, Crompton Control Panel, Crompton Motor starter, and Crompton star delta starter, online in Nepal

Bathroom Accessories:

There are also many bathroom accessories that are essential in every bathroom. Some of the essential Bathroom Accessories available at hardwarepasal are:

  • Float Switch:

Float switch


A float switch is a type of contact liquid level sensor that uses a float to operate a switch. Float switches are commonly used to control other devices such as alarms and pumps when a liquid level rises or falls to a specific point.

  • Toilet Paper Holder:

Toilet paper holder

Toilet Paper Holder that is used to hold and fix the toilet paper Roll.

  • Towel Holder:

Towel holder


A towel Holder is used to hold the towel in the bathroom. Is one of the essential bathroom accessories that every bathroom should have.

  • Tumbler Holder:

Tumbler holder


Bathroom tumblers are cups, dishes, or bowls where you place your toothbrush similar to a toothbrush holder.

  • Soap Holder:

Soap holder


Soap Holder holds the soap and helps to avoid melting and wasting a soap bar and keeps the sink and bathroom tidy.


All these essential Bathroom hardware are available online at hardwarepasal. Get it up to your doorstep.


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